Attorneys open nonprofit law firm in downtown Brighton

Attorneys open nonprofit law firm in downtown Brighton

Theresa Jenkins grew up in an abusive household.

She made a promise, at a young age, that she would spend her life working to prevent this from happening to others.

“We are not listening enough to children who are telling us someone is hurting them,” Jenkins said. “To me there shouldn’t be a price tag on stopping childhood trauma.” 

Decades later, she is fulfilling that promise to herself by creating the Justice Lawyer League, a nonprofit law firm dedicated to fighting for children’s safety. 

The group will take on parent alienation cases, CPS cases and complex custody cases.  

Jenkins, a lawyer, specializes in civil litigation, complex custody and divorce cases across the state. 

Attorney Theresa Jenkins, left, is partnering with Lisa Kirsch Satawa of Kirsch Daskas Law Group to operate a nonprofit law firm called Justice Lawyer League that serves families dealing with custody issues.

The average cost of a child custody case is “easily over $10,000” and can cost up to $100,000, she said. 

Parents left her former law firms without help because they simply could not afford the cost of evaluations, investigators, specialists and attorneys, Jenkins said. 

She is teaming up with Lisa Kirsch, a seasoned attorney with experience as a prosecutor and now as criminal defense attorney specializing in sexual abuse and child abuse cases.