Catch VERIFIED on Thursdays!

Every day we receive and send hilarious video clips via whatsapp or we see them and share them on our social media feeds.

All these on-line content creators claim to be the best in the game and have bestowed upon themselves a lot of disputed titles. So to settle the score once and for all, SABC 1 has given a platform for these leading content creators to come and compete for a bona fide title of “the true MVP” (most valuable players) in the content-creation space and be verified on national television, as the best in the land. There are thirteen MVP titles to win in the show, one winner every week for three months.

So we will have 13 contests over 13 weeks and in each contest, two content creators each bring 4 of their freshest and funniest short clips to the Verified studio and play them for viewers at home and to a live studio audience. The content creator who gets the most love from the studio audience by way of a clap-o-meter, wins the day and gets verified as the true MVP of the game for the week.

Over 13 episodes, 13 MVPs will be verified and will walk away with bragging rights as izinja ze game; settling the MVP status disputes once and for all!

The show is presented by Nehemiah Tjatji.

Catch Verified, Thursdays at 19:30 on SABC 1!

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