Cutting Edge: Rags to riches – riches to rags

Please note: This programmes may contain visuals that might offend sensitive viewers.

Pyramid schemes are making a come-back again. Experts predict that the economic situation is hard on everyone, hence a need for cash. But some people believe in get rich quick schemes.

Soweto is one of the townships in which Ponzi schemes make people to attend endless meetings in community halls.
MMM is one of the schemes in which people believe they can cut corners to reach their financial desires.
While there is much confidence in these schemes and thousands investing in them, authorities vow to shut them down, claiming no compliance with financial regulations of South Africa.

But investors are not detered by these threats…….

Watch Cutting Edge Thursdays at 21:30 on SABC 1.

Cutting Edge is the first of its kind in the country, an investigative programme for Africans produced by Africans in African languages. The programme depicts the story of South African youth, giving a voice to the usually voiceless, the ordinary youth of Mzansi. The show is here to inform, educate, empower and uplift tomorrow’s nation. It presents realities of life as in corruption, health, education, labour, politics, arts, culture and sports.

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