George Washington University Law School Introduces Animal Law as Legal Discipline

Amazing! The George Washington University Law School in Washington D.C. has announced a joint plan with the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) to implement animal law into their discipline.

The new Animal Legal Education Initiative (ALEI) will develop animal law as a legal discipline in the school and will be incorporated into legal education. ALEI will allow students and faculty to collaborate on developing animal law and increasing the teaching on animal law.

Source: Animals & Society Institute/Youtube

“Animal law is an emerging field with vast implications for other areas of law,” said Stephen Wells, ​​Executive Director for the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “GW Law shares our vision for rapid growth and demand for animal law as a discipline, and the importance of structuring ALEI to support advances in animal protection. We are proud to partner with GW Law, whose faculty are already active in teaching and producing animal law scholarship, on the creation of this new initiative.”

According to the ALEI website, they plan to

  • build a comprehensive law curriculum for the students
  • explore the intersectionality and integration of animal law with other disciplines
  • build collaborations among animal law faculty, across legal and other disciplines, and outside the academy
  • develop innovative courses and teaching methods
  • advance methods of providing clinical and experiential education and creating experiential opportunities for students
  • enlarge the body of scholarship
  • advance opportunities in animal law that will increase diversity in the academy and the profession
  • increase students’ ability to successfully find employment in the animal law field

To help achieve these goals, the ALEI will ensure the school has the necessary resources to train the animal law attorneys of the future!

It’s impressive to see this happen, and hopefully, this new generation of animal law attorneys will lead to better animal welfare laws in the future. Sign this petition to demand more animal protection laws!

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George Washington University Law School Introduces Animal Law as Legal Discipline