Here are the top-paying South Carolina government jobs

South Carolina had 2,262 state job openings Tuesday and the highest paid open government position was for a psychiatrist with a salary of $250,000.

The job is located at the Department of Corrections, according to the state’s job posting website.

The listing does not say which prison the job would be located in.

Average salary for a psychiatrist in the state was $222,780, according to

The state has one other listing for a job that pays more than $200,000. It is for the director of the University of South Carolina Cardiovascular Translational Research Center. The annual salary is $225,000.

The center is a relatively new one to the USC School of Medicine, established by the board in 2020 to conduct research on heart health. Heart disease has long been the leading cause of death in South Carolina.

The state has 46 jobs paying between $100,000 and $200,000, including one for an accountant at Lander University in Greenwood, chief financial officer at the Department of Juvenile Justice and IT director at the State Law Enforcement Division.

Psychologists are being sought for various state government agencies at salaries up to $144,000.

There is also a job with a salary of up to $144,00 called director of targeted oversight within the Department Health and Human Services, which oversees the Healthy Connections Medicaid program.

The website calls it “a unique and exciting opportunity to help shape the quality of health care in South Carolina.” The job is located in Richland County.

“Our mission is to purchase the most health for our citizens in need at the least possible cost to the taxpayer,” the agency says. “We partner with the federal government to provide medical care for needy persons who have low income.”

Health and Human Services employs over 1,700 individuals across the state.

Other open jobs paying up to $114,000 a year are nurse practitioners, psychologists and various administrative jobs.

The South Carolina Technical College System is looking for a chief diversity officer with a top salary of $139,000.

“This position will provide thought-leadership to the system while leveraging extensive DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) knowledge and best practices to promote the mission and vision of the System,” the job post said.

The system includes 16 colleges across the state, with the idea that no South Carolina resident is more than 30 minutes from one of them. In all, more than 150,000 students take some sort of class or training in a technical college each year.

The state website says the in-demand careers are accounting, automotive, case workers, corrections, law enforcement, human services, information technology and computers, medical/dental, mental health, nursing and trades.

All state government employees in full-time jobs are offered what many consider great benefits, including health coverage, which includes prescription coverage and wellness benefits, dental, vision, term life insurance, long-term disability, flexible spending accounts for health and child care expenses and adoption assistance.

And they’re part of the South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority, which administers insurance and retirement benefits for state employees.

The lowest paid job on the state website Tuesday was for someone to transport patients in Marlboro County — top salary $12,600 — for the Department of Mental Health. When the employee is not transporting, they’re expected to do some groundskeeping.

This story was originally published April 13, 2022 5:00 AM.