IC-Markets Goes Global And Bigger With 90+ Instruments

IC-Markets Goes Global And Bigger With 90+ Instruments

The expansive financial world highlight and boosts many broker companies to get bigger and bolder. One of them is the ic-markets that has been expanding its instrument, distribution, and services. It is even located as one of the big 20 companies for people and new traders. So, how good and reliable is the broker company? Here are things you should know beforehand.  

Global Geographic Distribution 

Reaching a bigger global market makes the company has more trustable credibility and name. In this case, the ever-growing market by the company mostly spread across countries. The United Kingdom also reach more than 8.22% and Vietnam follow along with 8.14% of users. There are also Brazil and Poland with more than 6% users. 

Australia has more than 5%, while some countries such as Thailand, Germany, South Africa, Slovakia, and Singapore also got a proper share as user percentage. Almost 50% of users are from other countries which likely makes the IC-Markets one of the best forex broker in india. As the Australian broker company has a long experience, it also improves the services. 

Vast Ranges Of Instruments 

One of the positive and mentionable aspects is the instruments offered by the company. The broker company has more than 60 currency pairs. It allows users to explore the financial world. Some other instruments include CFDs on indices, futures trading, metals, commodities, including stocks, and bonds. It is the reason why the company can develop faster. 

Moreover, there is a huge spread with 0 pips and leverage from 1:1 to 1:500. It is a great deal for people and newcomers that want to try joining the financial trading live. With the vast global market, the account currency includes USD, GBP, AUD, CHF, NZD, JPY, SGD, CAD, HKD, and BTC. It provides a better market and vaster uses. 

For better, IC-Markets offer a good minimum deposit of 200USD. The low spread, the additional useful resources, and Islamic accounts make it a nice product to use. In general, the trading and broker company has also proven its reliability. The low spread, micro-lots, and fast order executions can round up an 8.2 overall rating from Traders Union.   

Fast Developing Broker Company 

According to Traders Union rate and position, the company has a huge effect on the market financial world. Its programs attract more potential traders and brokers, such as investment managers, affiliate programs, white-label, and introducing brokers. Some other functions, such as rebates and discounts help the company bloom. 

At the end of the day, some of the offers, jobs, instruments, and widely spread users make the company develop faster. The trader used on the company includes MT4, MT5, and cTrader trading platforms. Generally, it helps reach more potential users for IC-Markets with its possibility to work with mobile apps and beginner-friendly work.  

Being one of the biggest and fast-developing companies, the company come up with a range of offers, services, and instruments. The global distribution shows how the global market has started to use the company. Meanwhile, the instruments span more than 60 currency pairs, commodities, stocks, and bonds that reach over 90 options.