Intersexions – Eps 17: Zamo’s Choice

Months later, Zamo is lumped with Duma and is very frustrated and angry. Her faith in God has crumbled. At the same time, affection between her and Ntando has grown into a repressed and smoldering passion….

Do you know your lover’s lovers? Intersexions is a hard-hitting, innovative drama series with 25 separate but interlinked episodes. It examines issues relating to love, sex and relationships and how they can have heart-breaking and physically devastating, consequences. Intersexions is an episodic educational drama series that shows how our lives intersect and criss-cross with others’ in ways we don’t even know about. As soon as we become sexually active, we are immediately locked into a human web with complete strangers.

Catch Intersexions Sundays at 19:30 on SABC1!

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