Joe Giudice Says He’s Launching A Legal Consulting Firm

One thing to admire about Joe Giudice is that his resume is ever-growing. And now, he’s adding something new to his list of accomplishments: legal consultant. In a recent Instagram post, he presented the launch of his new legal consulting firm. So if you’re facing a major criminal case, the former Real Housewives of New Jersey husband is ready to help you “take your first steps toward success.”

He shared the news about his new venture with a post saying, “It’s finally here! I’m happy to announce that my consulting services site has finally launched! Stay tuned for more updates.”

The post included a 22-second video clip that starts by saying, “Take your first step towards success.” Inspirational music plays in the background, and he shows a few pictures from his many court appearances over the years.

A photo of him and Teresa Giudice flashes on the screen, and it says, “You are not alone.” The video lists the different types of “services” his legal consulting firm offers. He claims he can help you with municipal criminal cases, state criminal cases, federal criminal cases, ICE, immigration, white-collar crimes, and incarceration.


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In the caption, Joe shared the URL, but as of right now, that’s not a working website. However, after doing some digging, it seems like he meant to say

A quick peek at the website reveals the true inspiration behind his new business. He writes, “I am Joe Giudice – a convicted felon that has been through our justice system and able to provide perspective, guidance, and support to those facing the same experience. The things I went through were tough – the highs, the lows, the life-changing decisions, and misconceived notions of what I was told to expect.”

He then continues to muse about how perhaps the outcome of his legal crisis would have been different had he had better support. Joe says, “What if I had a trusted confidant that provided me with honest, unbiased firsthand advice about how to navigate this situation? I believe my situation would have been different.”


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Surely, James J. Leonard Jr. and the rest of the Giudice legal team are rolling their eyes reading that, but Joe promises to provide “perspective, guidance, and insight” on the complex process of facing a big criminal case.

Besides his personal experience becoming a felon, you’re probably wondering what makes Joe Giudice qualified to offer any sort of legal services. Well, he makes it very clear that this is not actual legal advice on his website. He states, “​My goal is to help people make informed decisions about their legal team, incarceration and/or ICE. This process is emotional. I am not here to offer legal advice, but I am here to provide consultation throughout your time alongside your legal team.”


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On his website, Joe says that because of his personal experience, he can help you choose the right legal team and potentially reduce legal costs. I can think of a couple of Bravolebrities that should probably reach out to him soon.


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Joe Giudice Says He’s Launching A Legal Consulting Firm