Key Myths & Misconceptions About Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant: No Certification Needed

By Kathleen Martin – Legal Nurse Pro – The 6-Figure Legal Nurse Expert.

Key Myths & Misconceptions About Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant: No Certification Needed

Are you thinking about becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant? There are several misconceptions that you should know about before making a decision on enrolling in a course. Unfortunately, most Nurses don’t find out that they have made a bad choice until after they have spent the money and completed their purchased course.

1) Accreditations or Certifications are NOT Valued or Required for Legal Nurse Consulting

There is no nationally accepted board for Legal Nurse Consulting, and there is no official Legal Nurse Consulting program.. Because Nurses are conditioned to be “certified” in many areas in their nursing world, entrepreneurs have marketed the need for “LNC Certifications.” This is absolutely not necessary!

Why would you need to pay for a certification or certificate if no client attorney requires it? In fact, attorneys don’t know anything about a CLNC. Some in-house LNC businesses require that after you work with them for over 2000 hours, that then you can get this so-called “certification,” and take a test to boot! No exam or test is needed or required by anyone.

Legal Nurse Pro, through The 6-Figure Legal Nurse Expert Course, provides all the information that you need to begin to set up your own business as an LNC. Many instructional videos with PDFs for download are provided in the course. The attorney clients want an RN who is versed in clinical aspects and standards of care to provide an opinion on a case. This course teaches you how to revise your CV, review records, develop case reports, prepare for depositions and trials, market to attorney clients, and the business aspects of setting up your own home-based business, and much more. You already have the clinical knowledge and expertise!

2) The Market is Open for LNCs

Legal Nurse Pro refers students to attorneys inquiring for such help with their case work. Through the Legal Nurse Pro course, you will gain confidence to provide LNC services for attorneys nationwide. All specialties are needed.

3) Colleges & Universities Got Into This too

Many graduates from these university courses have complained about major deficiencies in their training and lack of personalized attention. You absolutely do not need a college course. This is a revenue line for such an institution. Any “certificate” from such an institution has as much value as that of an LNC Certification program.

Why The 6-Figure Legal Nurse Expert Course Is The Best Value
Obtain necessary information in more efficient time
Learn at your own pace online
Many instructional videos with PDFs for download
Personal Mentoring for 5 months
Learn from a 30-year practicing Legal Nurse who has been in your shoes
Marketing Tools Provided
How to set up your home-based LNC business
Start practicing immediately
1 year course access

There is a personal mentorship program as well with additional benefits.

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