McFarlane Law Firm Renews Sponsorship of Embrace Music Foundation

FT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 22, 2022 / The McFarlane Law Firm has renewed its commitment to sponsor the Embrace Music Foundation in 2022. Attorney Greg McFarlane is committed to serving his community through his work with the Embrace Music Foundation helping youth in Broward County, FL. The mission of the Foundation is to restore, preserve, and fortify the impact of music through education, appreciation, and performance in schools and communities, and to amplify its role in the development of children and families.

McFarlane Law Firm Renews Sponsorship of Embrace Music Foundation

Through programs such as Rhythms of Africa and Music Around the World, the Embrace Music Foundation unites children with musicians, instructors, local businesses, and community leaders to keep the arts alive and vibrant. It offers the young people of South Florida an opportunity to appreciate music in new ways and discover alternatives to craft their careers and lives.

Greg McFarlane is excited to continue to work with the Foundation, “Music has become vulnerable and endangered by its removal from school curricula. That is why I became heavily involved in The Embrace Music Foundation. This also helps keep me grounded in my Afro-Caribbean roots.”


As a young man, Attorney Greg McFarlane was stopped on Interstate 95 going about 90 with three friends in his car. Having an aggressive police officer rob you of your dignity and fill you with fear is enough to never want to be ignorant of your rights. That was the night he became a lawyer, in his mind, with the training and experience to follow. He vowed never to be in that situation again or at the very least, he was going to know the law. 18 years later, Greg McFarlane is continuing to fight for the rights of others, so no one ever experiences the feelings of helplessness he felt that night.

Greg hates bullies. That is his driving force. It doesn’t matter if it’s an insurance company that doesn’t want to take responsibility or an overly aggressive prosecutor. Justice is his priority and bullies make him wake up every morning happy to seek justice for his South Florida clients.

There are 3 main pillars to the success of the McFarlane Law Firm:

Experience – Greg learns by doing. He had never worked for a Personal Injury firm and has built success by filing lawsuits and developing a winning strategy. While difficult it has sharpened his skills to win these cases. It has also helped him become a better criminal defense attorney.

Diligence – Greg does not leave any stone unturned. It’s one thing to find liability but it’s another thing to find out all who may be responsible. Attention to detail yields better results in both criminal and civil cases and he takes pride in being diligent.

Client Communication – The most important key to their success is to always keep their clients updated on what is going on in their case. This above all else sets them above many firms in their practice area. Even though the McFarlane Law Firm is a single attorney practice, Greg and his support staff focus on making sure that nobody gets lost in the shuffle or forgotten.

Greg’s journey through the pandemic has also been a learning experience. His firm has been at the forefront of using technology to meet the current and future challenges presented by COVID. But after his primary legal assistant got offered a position in the insurance industry, he added virtual assistants and tech solutions like e-signatures and Zoom to augment the good old-fashioned human touch. By keeping the firm small and focused, McFarlane Law offers a level of personal service that the larger firms can’t match. Greg really cares about his clients, and he knows every single one by name. They each have his cell phone number. He does ensure clients are kept advised about the status of their case, but if they need him, he is there.

The McFarlane Law Firm has also received multiple awards in the past year, including Elite Lawyer, Best Car Accident Attorney in Plantation, Top 100 National Black Lawyers, and more. They represent clients in and around Fort Lauderdale as well as throughout Florida who have suffered injuries through the negligence or wrongdoing of others. They also fight for the rights of clients who have been arrested on criminal charges. The firm, founded by Attorney Greg McFarlane, is backed by nearly 20 years of legal experience in these fields. They bring compassionate service, persistent advocacy, and comprehensive preparation to your case. Need legal help with a personal injury claim or criminal charge? Contact The McFarlane Firm for a free, initial consultation online or at (954) 800-2745. Hablamos español.

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