Mfolozi Street on 7 April

A desperate Vukile has to embarrass himself asking for money from Matshidiso while a romantic Mlungisi enjoys having his way with Matshidiso. Sonto panics when her boys are kicked out of school due to finances. Lindani slaps her with a harsh plate of truth forcing her to think about making well thought out decisions that are actually sustainable. Mlungisi proves that he likes it and puts a ring on it, breaking Vukile’s heart.

Catch Mfolozi Street Thursdays at 20:30 on SABC 1 Mzansi Fo Sho!

Mfolozi Street and its inhabitants are a cross-section of this great country as they try to live the best life possible, twenty years after democracy. Mfolozi Street follows the love relationships, the family interactions, those trying to make a living, and those abandoned and struggling. It asks the question, “where is South Africa now in the dream of the freedom that was so hard won?”

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