Mokapelo 2 – Episode 8

It’s not how me make mistakes but how we correct them that defines us. Rachel Wolchin

Sibulele Tshonshi, a 21-year-old mother of three, lives in Meadowlands, Soweto. Having her first child at 16 put an immense strain on her family, affecting her mother’s health. Sibulele, now estranged from her family after her third child, cannot support her children and neither does she have a care-giver who can look after them while she goes out on the hunt for work. Sibulele wrote to Mokapelo as her life has stagnated.

Catch Mokapelo Wednesdays at 18:00. Watch the full episode here, directly after the normal TV broadcast at 18:30. Episodes are repeated, Fridays at 11:30. Join us all the time!

The second season of Mokapelo looks at self love, personal and skills development in order to positively affect the candidate’s working, family and romantic relationships. The show aims to educate whilst encouraging self-problem solving. Mokapelo’s new life coach, Zanele Luhabe, supports the candidates in their respective journeys, allocating tasks that will equip both the candidates and the audience with tools to kick-start the changes they wish to see, gain power over their circumstances and begin to love their true selves.

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