New University of Akron deans are historic, unconventional picks

The University of Akron will have new deans leading two of its five colleges, with one an unconventional pick and the other historic. 

Emily Janoski-Haehlen has been named dean of the University of Akron School of Law, beginning Feb. 21, pending approval by the board of trustees. She will be the first woman to permanently hold the job of dean of the law school. 

Also pending trustee approval, Robert J. “R.J.” Nemer, a non-academic sports agency founder with a law degree, will be the new dean of the College of Business, starting Jan. 31. 

R.J. Nemer has been named the new dean of the University of Akron's College of Business.

Janoski-Haehlen and Nemer are two of three deans to be named since the university merged from 11 colleges down to five in 2020. Mitchell S. McKinney was named dean of the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences in January 2021. 

Janoski-Haehlen has been with the university since 2017, currently serving as associate dean of academic affairs and law technology programs, as well as director of the Law Library.