No rent withholding or repair-and-deduct law

Indiana law is notoriously favorable to landlords, leaving renters with few, if any, protections from predatory and negligent property owners, housing advocates and tenants say. 

Republican state lawmakers even passed a law prohibiting local governments from regulating certain aspects of landlord-tenant relationships after Indianapolis tried to institute a city ordinance to provide renters with more rights.

An IndyStar investigation into the eviction crisis after the COVID-19 eviction moratorium ended showed how many tenants were being evicted from sub-standard or downright dangerous properties with little recourse for fixing major housing violations that threatened their health and safety.

“We can see by Indiana’s really high eviction rates and even some of the the high numbers of eviction filings during COVID,” Andrew Bradley, the policy director of non-profit group Prosperity Indiana, said, “that many housing providers and landlords out there are good actors and tried to do the right thing.