Now or Never 5 – Episode 10

After a traumatic experience when she was younger, Sindiswa grew up resenting and fearing men. As Sindiswa grew older, her faith in men was restored when she found love. Unfortunately, a terrible twist in fate led to a point where Sindoswa and her one true love could no longer be together. This loss she had to bear led to a roller coaster of emotions.

However instead of hating men for always disappointing her, she used her enquiring nature to find out more about the struggles of men. Sindiswa made it her sole aim to research the plight the South African male, and help them through the issues that they faced growing up.

Catch Now or Never, Mondays at 18:00 on SABC 1. Watch the full episode here at 18:30. Join us then!

Now or Never is a docu-drama series which asks real life characters to relive a period in their lives when they had to make crucial, life-changing decision or endure traumatic moments. In this season, viewers can look forward to new multi-genre influences where factual meets drama to create rare access journeys of our characters. Through their introspective journeys, we have a glimpse of their universe and can evaluate decisions made, good or bad.

This series is based on actual events told by one individual and the creations are based on the interview. The names of some of the characters have been changed to protect the privacy of any other individuals that may have been involved.

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