Now or Never 5 – Episode 2

Lele grew up as a happy child in a family with both parents. During her teenage years, her life changed and that impacted on her adulthood as well. From the bubbly child she was, Lele lost her confidence and started finding comfort in food. She binged on all kinds of food as an escape from her low self-esteem.

Lele underwent bariatric surgery, which was her only solution to weight loss. Due to her experience, she learned to eat healthy and take care of herself. She believes she had lost herself and allowed people to define who she is, but today she is a strong woman who appreciates herself much more.

Catch Now or Never, Mondays at 18:00 on SABC 1. Watch the full episode here at 18:30. Join us then!

Now or Never is a docu-drama series which asks real life characters to relive a period in their lives when they had to make crucial, life-changing decision or endure traumatic moments. In this season, viewers can look forward to new multi-genre influences where factual meets drama to create rare access journeys of our characters. Through their introspective journeys, we have a glimpse of their universe and can evaluate decisions made, good or bad.

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