Siyakholwa – We Believe 8 – Episode 22: Symbols in Judaism

Friends, do you know what a symbol is? On Siyakholwa – We Believe, this week we learn more about the Star of David, the mezuza, the kippah and much much more. We visit wise Musa and curious Dudu and get talking about symbols in different religions with some of our friends in our let’s talk segment. Don’t miss it friends!

Catch Siyakholwa – We Believe Saturdays at 06:30 on SABC 1! Watch the full episode here immediately after the normal TV broadcast at 07:00. Join us then!

Programme/series Synopsis –
Siyakholwa – We Believe is an entertaining and educational show and the aim of the series is to produce educational and innovatively creative television programmes for children of the 5-9 year old age group and their young parents. The pioneering educational programme makes use of puppets and live action segments that draw on South African culture and traditions to help children in their foundation years develop optimally their social, emotional and intellectual capacities, regarding moral education and value.

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