Soul City 12 – Episode 5

The situation at the clinic is a bit calmer than before (with the help of the youth) but residents are still flocking in; the overflow of residents is going to Smoking Joe’s for medical attention. Residents are wary of the water after news of the outbreak fills the township through ‘twitter’. Environmental officers are called into the clinic. The outbreak is confirmed as E-coli.

Catch Soul City every Tuesday at 20:30 on SABC 1.

After spending months on an internship, Samkelo returns home unexpectedly. Sis’Noni wonders whether Sam’s been fired but the new clinic is opening soon and the hospital is beset with challenges. Their communication breaks down further when Sam discovers his mother has a secret of her own. Two young health care workers, ghetto-wise AB and prima donna Riri, struggle to see eye to eye with taking health care to the residents of Soul City. Rag-‘n-bone man Murakes has big dreams but little follow-through.


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