Soul City 12 – Episode 8

The health crisis makes headlines; the water is shut down. The staff is distraught and when they hear about a fifth baby that has died in hospital, the sense of desperation increases. Riri, traumatised by the death of the babies, tells Sis’Noni about her mother’s involvement. Sis’Noni confronts Mavis. With information from Smoking Joe’s growing internet following among the youth, water trucks arrive in Soul City.

Catch Soul City every Tuesday at 20:30 on SABC 1. Watch the full episode here at 21:00 directly after the normal TV broadcast.

Soul City 12 is anchored in ‘I am because you are’/ ‘Motho ke motho ka batho’. An individual can prosper, only when those around them are doing well and are also ok. True community is what drives change. The young can learn from the old, and the old can learn from the young.


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