South Africa’s Star: Know Everything About The King Of Hip-Hop!

Whenever the term Hip-Hop comes to mind, our focus of mind shifts directly towards the US or Europe, but least about South Africa. But do you know the king of South Africa’s Hip-hop stands totally apart from other country’s star? Well in the hiphop engine, everyone is the king in their own way once they choose that path of their life to start a journey all over again.

The rap god father has totally hailed all over social media with a statement that “as long as you are doing something authentic and people can resonate with you and your craft then that’s all you need”.  

Star Of Hip-Hop!

Guy Doing Hip Hop
Guy Doing Hip Hop

Talking broadly about the rap god father and rapgodfathers album, K.O is a veteran, starting in the game in 2005 in a hip-hop group called Teargas, he released four successful albums, before going solo in 2013. His hiphop engine, seem to have a lot of loyal fans throughout his journey who tend to stick together to know and listen about his album more often. The K.O veteran is not just a rapgod father but he is on his fast way to become Africa’s complexion of hip hop!

The dream of K.O veteran is to become one of the biggest hip-hop moguls in Africa. 

Hear The Unheard Melody Of Hip-hop engine: The Rap God Father


On describing his authentic sound it is clearly known that The rapper’s stuff isn’t fabricated but genuinely it’s real. In April this year he bagged Record of The Year at the South African Music Awards – the SA equivalent to the Grammy’s – for his infectious track ‘Cara Cara’, a distinctively South African tune about a Volkswagen Microbus. 

His say on his brutal hard work is “When I recorded the song, I felt it was going to be a hit.  I wanted to change history. So it put that out there into the universe. Seeing that dream come into reality was a blessing.” 

Hiphop engine has proved how K.O has every right to feel blessed while featuring fellow South African KiD X, the song was the first hip-hop song to win the prestigious South African award. This ultimate song was blending a mixture of languages  and various fusions, it became a viral success, the first of its kind in South Africa, and it now has over 2 million YouTube views.

Hip-Hop: Disclosing The Emergence!

Hip-Hop Boy
Hip-Hop Boy

The Hip hop engine has been popular in Africa since the early 1980s due to widespread American influence. In 1985 hip hop reached heights at a French-speaking country in West Africa. Each region has its  new type of style of hip hop. Rap elements are also found in Kwaito, a new genre based on house music which developed in South Africa in the 1990s.

The battle for supremacy is the home of Hip-Hop in Africa has been ongoing between Nigeria and South Africa for a while now. The maximum population of the people had an opinion that Nigeria is where African Hip-Hop is being done the best while other large numbers of people also believe South Africa is where African Hip-Hop glows and rap god fathers are curated.

Today, at this time hip-hop styles on the African continent range from American-inspired beats and rhymes as the emergence is from Us states only to bongo flava and kwaito, to the satirical hip-hop. Considering it as international influence, hip-hop in Africa is simultaneously the music of aspiration. African hip-hop artists have also become the engine of political and social conscious rhymes for hiphop engine.  At its peak right now with its continuously new talent changing the game and the music genre and sound evolving, African hip-hop to heights.

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