Sticks and Stones – FINAL Episode 13

Inspector Dlamini is stumped when Neo presents him with an alibi. Thabo confesses a desperate measure and Lwazi is horrified. Palesa decides to play Amandla at their own game. Mbali is prepared to do whatever it takes not to lose her man.

Sticks and Stones tells the story of a woman taking the power into her own hands and entering a traditional male dominated domain. Palesa is unemployed, undervalued and under pressure. She lives in a shack with her grandmother. When an accidental dropping of a paraffin lamp leads to a raging fire that kills her neighbour’s children, Palesa is driven to explore alternative means of building. She pulls on her gumboots and enters the construction industry.

The cast includes Talitha Ndima (Palesa), Moliehi Makobane (Lebo), Nandi Nyembe (Patience), Litha Booi (Lwazi), Mmarona Kgwele (Mbali), Tango Ncetezo (Thami), Dumisani Dlamini (Crocodile), Linda Sebezo (Mama J) and Welile Nzuza (Vusi).

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