Tempy Pushas – Episode 16: Birth Right

Kuti needs to find physical proof that he is Tshidi’s son in order to claim his share in Bogatsu. He finds the proof he needs but still Lerato fights him. It is only when a witness comes forward and reveals that Tshidi was murdered that Lerato concedes and accepts Kuti as a brother. Meanwhile, Ngulube’s […]

My Perfect Family 3 – Episode 24: Hotel Diepkloof

Mandla tells the family that they’re all going on a holiday. Everyone gets excited until they realize that it’s a stay-cation and he confiscates all electronic devices. Jo-Man starts treating the house like a hotel and Lovers is roped into becoming his butler. As if the growing pains of ordinary teenage-hood aren’t enough, socially-awkward, teen […]

Sticks and Stones – Episode 5

Catch Sticks and Stones Wednesdays at 20:30 only on SABC 1! Watch the full episode here directly after the normal TV broadcast at 21:00. Join us then! Sticks and Stones tells the story of a woman taking the power into her own hands and entering a traditional male dominated domain. Palesa is unemployed, undervalued and […]

Thuli no Thulani – Eps 2: The haunted house

How does someone with no work experience finding a job? This is Thuli’s dilemma when Thulani asks Thuli to get a job so that she can start contributing to things around the apartment. Zuko offers to help Thuli but he only ends up making it worse for her. Mbali on the other hand is ready […]

Thuli no Thulani – Eps 1: Three is a crowd

Three becomes a crowd when Thulani’s bachelor pad has to house his twin sister Thuli and her 11-year-old daughter Mbali. Thuli is determined to sue her ex for all he is worth. Thulani tries to find a way to get rid of his sister. Thulani’s best friends, Kaygee and Zuko, find it hard to adjust […]