My Perfect Family 3 – Episode 19: The diva

Lu is tired of playing the character on his show and tries to get himself written off the show with the help of Lovers. Mandla asks Jo-Man to keep money for him in a safe place and Jo-Man keeps it in such a safe place that he can’t remember where it is. Catch My Perfect […]

My Perfect Family 3 – Episode 25: Divorcesary

CATCH MY PERFECT FAMILY TONIGHT AT 19:00 ON SABC 1. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE HERE DIRECTLY AFTER THE NORMAL TV BROADCAST AT 19:30! JOIN US THEN! CATCH THE FINAL EPISODE THURSDAY AT 18:00 ON SABC 1! When Mandla accidentally shreds his and Portia’s divorce agreement, the couple find out that they were never legally divorced. […]

My Perfect Family 3 – Episode 26: You’re going nowhere

Lu gets a scholar opportunity to go to London and has to decide whether he’s going to leave or not. Thando starts dating a guy from Liechtenstein and when he has to leave, she has to make a choice as to whether to let him go, or marry him to keep him in the country. […]

My Perfect Family 3 – Episode 24: Hotel Diepkloof

Mandla tells the family that they’re all going on a holiday. Everyone gets excited until they realize that it’s a stay-cation and he confiscates all electronic devices. Jo-Man starts treating the house like a hotel and Lovers is roped into becoming his butler. As if the growing pains of ordinary teenage-hood aren’t enough, socially-awkward, teen […]