Yilungelo Lakho: Unemployment Insurance Fund

Unemployment Insurance Fund beneficiaries could soon be celebrating further gains as the government is in the process of making their lives better. Amendments to current legislation are now before parliament. These proposals seek to include new categories, and to extend the application period among other things. But some of these efforts are still undermined by […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Reckless lending

It’s has been almost ten years since the National Credit Act was passed, with th aim of curbing reckless lending. But the problem is persisting. This year the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) received double the number of complaints related to reckless lending, compared to last year. This practice has left many consumers sinking into debt. […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Financial literacy

Financial literacy, plus a spirit of entrepreneurship, multiplied by a structured school curriculum is equal to what South Africa needs to secure a prosperous economic future for its youth. This is one of the focuses that emerged at an international seminar, the Banking Association of South Africa and the Department of Basic Education hosted in […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Save

At the end of July, officially known as the Savings Month, the messages around the importance of saving, as a nation, cannot be over-emphasized, when many consumers are in the throes of over-indebtedness. Financial experts believe that teaching children financial prudence is a sure-fire way of producing a future generation of financially savvy citizens. To […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Sheriff of the court

A visit by the sheriff of the court often signals the precarious position a person has reached in the mishandling of their financial. That visit is often followed by the attachment of one’s valuable, to be later sold at a public auction in order to settle a debt. What powers does a Sheriff have against […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Eating Disorders

We eat food for survival. But a few of us may imagine that food can pose a danger to your life if not consumed responsibly and within healthy guidelines. South Africans are getting more and more concerned with the growing problem of eating disorders, more prevalent among women, especially younger females trying to control weight. […]

Yilungelo Lakho: (22 May 2017)

Watch Yilungelo Lakho every Friday at 13:30 on SABC 1. Catch the programme again on Mondays at 12:00 on SABC 1. Yilungelo Lakho an interactive live show, aims at informing and educating consumers on their rights. Every Friday we focus on a particular topic for the entire hour – kicking off with an insert which […]

Yilungelo Lakho: ID fraud

The issue of identity fraud could soon be a thing of the past. Identity fraud has left many people with a huge headache and sometimes debt and misery. But the government is doing something about it. The Department of Home Affairs has teamed up with a number of banks to produce Smart ID Cards. consumer@sabc.co.za […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Xenophobia

The spate of violence against foreign nationals has left Africa with the difficult task of rescuing its international reputation. Today on Yilungelo Lakho, we take a look at the impact of recent weeks’ attacks on foreign nationals, the integration of foreign nationals, and what needs to be done to ensure that South Africa, and the […]

Yilungelo Lakho:Commuters

It’s another week of hardship for commuters as the bus driver strike enters its 3 week. Scores of commuters are left scrambling for alternative transport to commute to work and back. Sadly the already struggling commuters are now forced to dig deeper into their pockets for money they did not budget to fork out for […]