Yilungelo Lakho: Water

In South Africa there are growing fears that serious water shortages are just 10 years away. And this looming shortage could lead to a new phenomenon – water-shedding. In some parts of the country the signs are already showing. consumer@sabc.co.za www.facebook.com/yilungelolakho Twitter @yilungelo Watch Yilungelo Lakho every Friday at 13:30 on SABC 1. Catch the […]

Yilungelo Lakho: MMM

It has been dubbed a pyramid scheme that will eventually collapse, leading participants into financial loss, but members of Triple M insist that it is only a stokvel or a saving scheme that has rescued many from financial distress and poverty. Now, despite recent media reports warning of its dangers, participants remain adamant that the […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Retire (19 June 2017)

Although retirement is synonymous with old age, the planning for this inevitable reality should not be left for far too late in one’s employment history. Planning for retirement is a topic that barely resonates with newly-employed young people. It is not deemed a priority but a compulsory deduction. Why the lack of urgency on the […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Road Accident Fund

South Africa’s road accident compensation system – administered by the Road Accident Fund – is touted as ranking among the best in the world. But the people, whom should benefit from the system, do not necessarily agree with such a claim. Historical differences between the RAF and some members of the legal profession over the […]

Yilungelo Lakho:Commuters

It’s another week of hardship for commuters as the bus driver strike enters its 3 week. Scores of commuters are left scrambling for alternative transport to commute to work and back. Sadly the already struggling commuters are now forced to dig deeper into their pockets for money they did not budget to fork out for […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Managing shopping expenses

Women’s month came and went but what remained are their debts. The love for the fashion has pushed over 2 two million South African women into debt. Traditionally female responsibilities were focused on family and its wellbeing, resulting in women shying away from money matters, leaving that responsibility to their husband. However, society has changed, […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Investment scams

Investment scams continue to wreak havoc in the lives of South African consumers. This is happening, despite several warnings about ‘too good to be true’ investments schemes that promise rare instant wealth. consumer@sabc.co.za www.facebook.com/yilungelolakho Twitter @yilungelo Watch Yilungelo Lakho every Friday at 13:30 on SABC 1. Catch the programme again on Mondays at 09:30 on […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Workers

It’s just days before South Africans join the world to celebrate Workers’ Day. May 1 is not just a holiday, but a day which focuses on the fight for social and economic justice for workers. The country’s 20 years of democracy, has delivered numerous gains for workers. But there is still a long way to […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Hairdressing industry

The saying that a woman’s hair is her glory, has given rise to a booming hairdressing industry in South Africa. For decades women have been straightening their hair with chemicals all in the name of beauty. However, they have been oblivious to the health risks such as burns, blindness or even cancer posed by some […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Xenophobia

The spate of violence against foreign nationals has left Africa with the difficult task of rescuing its international reputation. Today on Yilungelo Lakho, we take a look at the impact of recent weeks’ attacks on foreign nationals, the integration of foreign nationals, and what needs to be done to ensure that South Africa, and the […]