Yilungelo Lakho : Road Accident Fund part 2

Last week we brought you a discussion looking at the changes to the Road Accident Fund and how they will affect you. Today, we bring you part two of this topic. For many accident victims, the road to laying their hands on their final RAF pay-out can be full of frustrating twists and puzzling turns. […]

Yilungelo Lakho Sugar 23 12 16.mp4

What is a Festive Season without tucking into the sweet stuff. Consumers with a sweet tooth should brace themselves for a sugar tax that is designed to help kick the habit of drinking fizzy beverages and promote healthy eating. Before that leaves a sour taste in your mouth, realise that South Africa is considered to […]

Yilungelo Lakho: (22 May 2017)

Watch Yilungelo Lakho every Friday at 13:30 on SABC 1. Catch the programme again on Mondays at 12:00 on SABC 1. Yilungelo Lakho an interactive live show, aims at informing and educating consumers on their rights. Every Friday we focus on a particular topic for the entire hour – kicking off with an insert which […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Cars

Has your newly bought car turned your smile into a frown? And your dealer is failing to sort out your vehicle complaints? Well, you’re not alone. Scores of consumers in South Africa have been through the experience. The recent Ford Kuga fiasco has shone the spotlight on the problems faced by car owners who purchase […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Cellphone bills

Puzzled and frustrated by your unusually high cell phone bill, and mysteriously vanishing data from your phone? Well you are not alone! Scores of South African mobile phone users are either forced to frequently top-up or are burdened with puzzling bills, often running into thousands of rand. Often this is blamed on obscure services that […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Collecting Coins

To many consumers, collecting rare coins has not only become a hobby but it has fast become an alternative financial investment. But the coin trading business can be a dangerous game, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Of late, scammers are targeting ignorant coin collectors, especially those only dazzled by the […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act

On Workers Day Yilungelo Lakho focuses on some of the issues that affect consumers in the workplace such as compensation for injuries and diseases. The Department of Labour is in the process of amending the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) Act to include domestic workers. The aim of the program is to educate […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Competition Commission

Any conduct or practice that impacts negatively on consumers is deemed a threat to the consumer protection regime South Africa prides itself on. Such conduct, once established, is severely penalised. The Competition Commission (and the Competition Tribunal) has investigated cases and found many companies guilty of collusive conduct. At the centre of such conduct, the […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Debt collectors

How does a R500 debt end-up being a R10 000 headache? Many consumers whose debts have been handed over for collection find this extremely puzzling. Why it is that debt collector are able to charge exorbitant fees in the face of consumer protection laws and regulations that deem such a practice as unfair. Hilton Dube […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Debt Review Process

The Debt Review process was introduced to take off the pressure from over-indebted South African consumers. But the process has had unintended results, consumers’ complaints often do not get resolved. Now in an attempt to speed up the process of handling complaints and making the system efficiently, the National Credit Regulator has now taken over […]