Yilungelo Lakho: Human Rights

South Africa today shines the spotlight human rights issues in honour of victims of abuse. And as the county mark this historic day, consumers are also celebrating the milestones reached in the protection and promotion of consumers rights. In the spirit of World Consumer Rights Awareness Month, we examine the extent to which consumers rights […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Family

Child custody battles can be complicated, ugly and costly. But now parties fighting over child custody rights have a convenient dispute resolution option. The office of the child advocate provides an alternative to families in disagreement over who should have custody of the child. And this dispute resolution mechanism comes at no cost. Watch Yilungelo […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Sectional title housing schemes

Residing in a sectional title neighbourhood is a growing trend among many urban consumers. The relative comfort, being under 24-hour security is one of the reasons many make this choice. However for some consumers such peaceful living comes at a price. consumer@sabc.co.za www.facebook.com/yilungelolakho Twitter @yilungelo Watch Yilungelo Lakho every Friday at 13:30 on SABC 1. […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Second-hand car parts

It’s has been almost ten years since the National Credit Act was passed, with th aim of curbing reckless lending. But the problem is persisting. This year the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) received double the number of complaints related to reckless lending, compared to last year. This practice has left many consumers sinking into debt. […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Pre-paid electricity

Orlando West residents in Soweto have intensified their opposition to Eskom’s installation of pre-paid metres. Residents are now calling for a total boycott of electricity payments across the township. Residents say the pre-paid metre system is too expensive. But Eskom simply won’t back down. consumer@sabc.co.za www.facebook.com/yilungelolakho Twitter @yilungelo Watch Yilungelo Lakho every Friday at 13:30 […]

Yilungelo Lakho Sugar 23 12 16.mp4

What is a Festive Season without tucking into the sweet stuff. Consumers with a sweet tooth should brace themselves for a sugar tax that is designed to help kick the habit of drinking fizzy beverages and promote healthy eating. Before that leaves a sour taste in your mouth, realise that South Africa is considered to […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Municipal Ombudsman

Many people spend their lives consuming and paying for essential services that only municipalities are authorised to deliver including water, electricity supply, refuse collection, sanitation and primary healthcare. But there are also frustrations when consumers run into problems due to maladministration, poor service delivery or incorrect billing, among others. The establishment of the Municipal Ombudsman […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Workers

It’s just days before South Africans join the world to celebrate Workers’ Day. May 1 is not just a holiday, but a day which focuses on the fight for social and economic justice for workers. The country’s 20 years of democracy, has delivered numerous gains for workers. But there is still a long way to […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Retire (19 June 2017)

Although retirement is synonymous with old age, the planning for this inevitable reality should not be left for far too late in one’s employment history. Planning for retirement is a topic that barely resonates with newly-employed young people. It is not deemed a priority but a compulsory deduction. Why the lack of urgency on the […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Stokvels

The gloomy economic climate at the back of tariff hikes and fuel increase have made it difficult for consumers to keep up with living expenses. But some consumers from Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg have found ways to try and beat the tough economic times. They are part of the 800 000 stokvel groups found within […]