The Chatroom 13 – Episode 4: Marriage Part 1

Is the marriage institution outdated? Why is there such a drastic disconnection or disparity between what people think and say or even believe about this sacred institution, compared to how they act and behave? Yoliswa and Nana Morwebi have decided to get married before the end of year. They are one of a few couples […]

The Chatroom – Episode 51: Reconciliation

In life, at times it can be easy to reconcile with others who have done you wrong in the past. It is okay to work at forgiving others. However, it might be a daunting task to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have done against yourself. The day of reconciliation is a day to focus […]

The Chatroom 13 – Episode 7: Condom Distribution

The Chatroom is a talk show that explores issues of ethics and values that people, young and old, have to deal with in their everyday lives. Each episode, presented by Sarah Thabethe, features two debating teams that argue a moral issue in front of an audience with religious and moral subject experts, ordinary viewers and […]

The Chatroom 12 – Episode 48: World Aids Day

Today we revisit an episode we shot back in 2008 where we spoke to a young woman callled, Boitumelo, who had been infected by HIV. The question we asked: Did the HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns have an impact in behavioural change of society? We also chat to Thuli Magagula, Paddy Nhlapo from Cool Ideas 24/7, Nomaxolisi […]

The Chatroom – Episode 50: New Year's Resolutions

Today on the Chatroom we are unpacking New Year’s Resolutions! We want to find out if at all it is possible to stick to the resolutions one makes at the beginning of every year and discuss whether keeping one’s resolutions has anything to do with spirituality. The Chatroom is a talk show that explores issues […]