Cutting Edge – Eps 11 (15 June 2017)

Please note: This programmes may contain visuals that might offend sensitive viewers. Watch Cutting Edge Thursdays at 21:30 on SABC 1. Tweets by SABCCuttingEdge Cutting Edge is the first of its kind in the country, an investigative programme for Africans produced by Africans in African languages. The programme depicts the story of South African […]

The Chatroom 15 – Eps 22: Tithing

This week in The Chatroom, Nontokozo Setiba would like to find out if the principle of paying the tithe is still relevant in this day and age. Tune in and have your …

Yilungelo Lakho: Buying a house – hidden debt

Buying a house is an exciting moment for any consumer. But it can be a road littered with problems, especially if you have not checked all the blind spots. In South Africa it is not uncommon to find consumers buying houses, and unknowingly inherit the seller’s huge municipal bill. Well, this is the sad reality […]

Yilungelo Lakho: RDP homes

In this episode of Yilungelo Lakho, we tackle the provision of state-funded housing and programmes to address shortcomings in the delivery of RDP houses in South Africa. In our studio discussion, Alicia Jali is engaging guests from the Please don’t miss Yilungelo Lakho this afternoon from 13H30 on SABC 1 Mzansi Fo Sho as we […]

The Chatroom 14 – Episode 41: Dating a married man reversion

In The Chatroom this week, we revisit a story where, back in 2015, Pauline* was brought into The Chatroom by her friend, Julia, because she was having an affair with a married man and Julia wanted her to mend her ways. Now, almost a year later, we revisit this discussion and this time we add […]

i-Dentity 6 – Episode 16

Certifed clinical dietician and businesswoman Lydia Sehlapelo pops in for a chat. We spend a day in Soweto to learn more about African medicine. “What’s Appening” features the review of a vegan app and a website that is all about the Sikh religion. Catch i-Dentity, Wednesdays at 12:30 on SABC 1. Watch the full episode […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act

On Workers Day Yilungelo Lakho focuses on some of the issues that affect consumers in the workplace such as compensation for injuries and diseases. The Department of Labour is in the process of amending the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) Act to include domestic workers. The aim of the program is to educate […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Warrantees & Guarantees (12 June 2017)

Most consumers understand the term warranty and guarantee to mean the same thing, yet they are different. This programme uses different scenarios to explain how warranties and guarantees work, in everyday products such as car parts, furniture and appliances. Watch Yilungelo Lakho every Friday at 13:30 on SABC 1. Catch the programme again on Mondays […]

Big Up 9 – Eps 2: Sjava

On this programme we say Big Up to community builder, Tebello Makgotla, for making a difference in his community. Join us as South African Hip Hop artist, Sjava joins us to say Big Up to him by featuring him in his new music video. Come behind the scenes with us and see how Sjava uses […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Debt collectors

How does a R500 debt end-up being a R10 000 headache? Many consumers whose debts have been handed over for collection find this extremely puzzling. Why it is that debt collector are able to charge exorbitant fees in the face of consumer protection laws and regulations that deem such a practice as unfair. Hilton Dube […]

The Chatroom 14 – Episode 24: Religion Part 1

This week in The Chatroom, Siyabonga Hlatshwayo, won’t be celebrating Easter because he has decided to turn his back on his faith. He says it doesn’t work for him and religion has become a joke for him now. Join us as religious experts try to convince him otherwise while an outspoken atheist cheers him on. […]

Cutting Edge: Putco complaints (follow-up)

Please note: This programmes may contain visuals that might offend sensitive viewers. Since last week’s programme, we’ve managed to get feedback from Putco regarding complaints about services offered to commuters. In addition, we raised questions about Putco buses often catching fire. Catch the follow up to last week’s programme in this episode of Cutting Edge. […]