Soul City 12 – Episode 3

AB and Riri encounter a woman in the throes of labour during their rounds. The baby came early, but the two CHWs handle it professionally; a healthy baby is born at the clinic. Murakes dusts off his revamped sponono, and brags about his hard work fixing her up; only to crash into Sister Bettina’s car. […]

Soul City 12 – Episode 4

On their rounds AB and Riri find a child and her very ill sibling who is dehydrated, been vomiting and had diarrhea. They call an ambulance, but the baby dies in AB’s arms before the ambulance arrives. Thando experiences more and more symptoms leading her to think she might be pregnant; her worst fear is […]

Soul City 12 – Episode 2

Samkelo is on a downward spiral, he’s struggling to find work and turns to drinking with vagrant friends at a shebeen. He misses his mother’s big day by getting stuck at a rowdy party in Smokey Joe’s. Mandla is ashamed to see him like that in their father’s gym and he feels his brother’s disapproval. […]

Soul City 12 – Episode 1

After spending months doing an internship, Samkelo returns home unexpectedly. Sis’Noni doesn’t have the time to find out what Samkelo is hiding because the new clinic is opening in a few days, and the hospital is beset with challenges. Two young health care workers, ghetto-wise AB and prima donna Riri, struggle to see eye to […]