Assasinate Jama and Mndeni lives! – eHostela | Mzansi Magic

The brotherhood plans to assassinate Jama and Mndeni is found alive.

Will Jama kill his mother? – eHostela | Mzansi Magic

Mndeni fights Jama after finding out he killed Mancinza only for Jama to also turn on his mother.

Another wedding for Khethumndeni – eHostela | Mzansi Magic

Khethiwe and Mndeni take their vows again in a beautiful intimate ceremony.

Idelakufa – eHostela | Mzansi Magic

With the help of amadelakufa, Mndeni ends Jama’s reign of terror . — Visit Mzansi Magic Follow Mzansi Magic Here: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: