KhethuMndeni – eHostela | Mzansi Magic

Mndeni realizes that he has killed the father of the girl of his dreams after making a big win together with her at a musical festival.

Jama kills Khethiwe – eHostela | Mzansi Magic

Khethiwe goes looking for Juba and lands up in the heart of Jama’s wrath.

To kill my father – eHostela | Mzansi Magic

Mdeni’s proposal backfires. Jama kills his father after discovering his father is eyeing someone else to led amadelakufa after him.

I know you killed him – eHostela | Mzansi Magic

Fikile tells Jama that she knows he killed his father and she’ll support him.

Guilt ridden – eHostela | Mzansi Magic

Mndeni is ridden with guilt and Khethiwe asks him to help her find her father’s murderer.

Idelakufa – eHostela | Mzansi Magic

With the help of amadelakufa, Mndeni ends Jama’s reign of terror . — Visit Mzansi Magic Follow Mzansi Magic Here: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: