What Happened To Mona Monyane and Khulu Skenjana Is Really Sad and Am Still Shook

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Tempy Pushas – Episode 12: Surrender

To resolve a dispute you have to surrender something in yourself. Kuti must surrender his integrity and pride to end the feud with Zenzele. But when it comes down to it, he is unable to publicly absolve Zenzele of the theft of the Bogatsu designs and loses the funding to make his film. He also […]

Tempy Pushas – Episode 11: DNA

We are determined by our biology…we cannot escape who we genetically are …no matter how much we try and reject it. Kuti grapples with the news that Tshidi is his mother- he can’t forgive her for what she did and rejects her. He tells Princess that he’s open to working with Zen. Ngulube fears he […]

Tempy Pushas – Episode 2: Earning your place

You only belong somewhere when you have proved your value. Kuti has to go head to head with Lerato to earn his place at Bogatsu. Princess helps him “speak fashion”. X comes up with a plan to get the soundman to drop charges against Ngulube. This local drama is set against the backdrop of the […]

Tempy Pushas – Episode 4: Getting what you want

If you can’t get it yourself, find someone else who can get it for you. Kuti does a brilliant pitch and wins Bogatsu the headline show. Tshidi rewards him with a car and gives him the freedom to make his super hero movie like he wants to. X fails to find a model agent and […]

Tempy Pushas – Episode 7: Self-destruction

Princess reveals that Dot Org is the thief but won’t give Kuti the proof. In the absence of proof, Tshidi assumes that Kuti is being used by Princess and Zen. She makes Kuti choose between Princess and his job. X’s modeling career kicks off but comes to an abrupt halt when X realizes that his […]

Tempy Pushas – Episode 14: Love is more powerful than death

Tshidi is in a critical condition. Lerato refuses to believe that Kuti is Tshidi’s son and as such does not let him see her. Kuti, with X’s help eventually finds a way to get to his mother’s bedside. His words seem to improve her condition. But the next morning she is declared dead. Meanwhile, Ngulube […]

Tempy Pushas – Episode 1: Lies

The most dangerous lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Ngulube’s arrest forces Kuti to get honest with himself. To walk his true path he must stand up to X and Anne respectively. When Kuti walks out it awakens Ngulube’s guilt about Mbali’s disappearance. He starts looking for her. X discovers that he can’t make […]

Tempy Pushas Ep 15: Love

Love is verb, a doing word… it is visible through our actions not our words. Lerato bans Kuti from Tshidi’s funeral. He mourns privately with Girlie who reveals her part in his abandonment. She suggests Kuti honour his love for Tshidi by protecting Bogatsu from ruin at the hands of Lerato. Problem is Tshidi died […]

Tempy Pushas – Episode 3: Family

A new arrival always causes a disruption of the power dynamic in a family. Kuti wins his place at Bogatsu. Tshidi draws him into her world and invites him to pitch with her to the fashion week panel. Lerato becomes increasingly more threatened by him. Ngulube falls for a model that looks like Mbali. X […]

Tempy Pushas – Episode 8: Truth

PLEASE NOTE TEMPY PUSHAS IS MOVING TO SABC 2 AND WILL BE BROADCAST AT 20:30 ON MONDAYS ON SABC 2. Like nakedness, the truth is not always beautiful. Tshidi learns the truth about Dot Org and gives Kuti his job back. Kuti learns the truth that he is indirectly responsible for Ngulube’s self-imposed imprisonment. X […]

Tempy Pushas – Episode 5: Masks

Masks allow us to let our desires out but not all desires are good. Tshidi manages the design crisis like a queen but is shattered when she discovers that Princess is the thief. Kuti is fired, for unwittingly acting as the Trojan horse for the Zembe. Ngulube’s Facebook romance is threatened when OZ threatens to […]