Feed him to the crocs – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Otsile and Goitse voice their concerns over their fathers feud, meanwhile Moseki drugs and feeds Lazarus to the crocodiles.

Mosadi, the people’s queen – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Naledi tells the villagers about how Mosadi solved Moreri’s scholarship fiasco. The villagers later pay her a surprise visit.

Mosadi reaching out – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Lazarus tries to convince Odirile that Kefilwe’s return is a threat. Mosadi agrees to meet with Kefilwe.

Who to believe – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Tumelo visits Kefilwe to hear her side of the story. Matshidiso receives a strange phonecall from Dipuo’s cellphone number.

Moseki a changed man – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Odirile seems to be losing her mine each day. Lazarus tries to convince Moseki to give him a tender but Moseki refuses.

The tender saga – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Lazarus threatens Moseki for not awarding him the tender. Kefilwe continues to torment Odirile.

The queen is dead – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Moseki realizes that he’s just done the worst thing he could ever do: Queen Dipuo is dead!

Goitse’s tip-off – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Lazarus is shocked to hear that Goitse gave the police a tip-off about the whereabouts of Dipuo’s body. Detective KOle has devastating news for the royal family.

Lazarus gone awol – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Moseki lies to Goitse about his father’s whereabouts. Kefilwe suggests Odirile sees a traditional healer about her hallucinations.

Mosadi not backing down – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Lazarus tried to bride Tumelo to give him the clinic contract. Sephiri tries to stop Mosadi from going through with the challenge. — Visit Mzansi Magic https://bit.ly/MzansiMagic Watch Mzansi shows on DStv Catchup: http://bit.ly/DStvCatchup Follow Mzansi Magic Here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/mzansimagic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mzansimagic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mzansimagic/