Mokapelo 2 – Episode 1

You are confined by the boundaries that you set yourself. The mind creates the cage. Thandi Mokoena is a 29-year-old mother of three, who, for fourteen years suffered from a debilitating bladder condition that causes the frequent need to relieve herself. She has been to various medical institutions in Delmas which have failed to correctly […]

Mokapelo 2 – Episode 5

We do not heal the past by dwelling there; we heal the past by living fully in the present. Marianne Williamson After the passing of her mother 5 years ago, 25-year-old Puseletso Lekaota from Soshanguve has battled to cope with her grief. Puseletso’s depression has hindered many aspects of her life, including her studies to […]

Mokapelo 2 – Episode 4

Loving yourself is the greatest revolution. Neon Moon 21-year-old Thato’s self-esteem has been crushed by her very large breasts. She wrote to Mokapelo, feeling that this issue has always been hindering her from living her best life. Thato’s challenge is re-working her self-image and therefore allowing the world to see her qualities as opposed to […]

Mokapelo 3 – Episode 7

28-year-old Moabelo Nzimande from Tembisa is a self–taught furniture maker. He makes innovative furniture from recycling old car tyres, but his low self-esteem and fear of rejection is a huge hindrance in this young entrepreneur’s life. Facebook: @mokapelo Twitter: @mokapelo_SABC1 Twitter: @Zanele_Mokapelo Catch Mokapelo Wednesdays at 18:00 on SABC 1! Watch the full show here, […]

Mokapelo 2 – Episode 17

Grief can be a burden but also an anchor. You get used to the weight, how it holds you in place. Sarah Dessen On Wednesday’s episode we meet 20-year-old Matshepo Moleki from Kagiso. Who’s struggled with inexplicable weight gain since 2013. Her father passed away in the same year and Mokapelo helps her make the […]

Mokapelo 2 – Episode 16

Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it. Dorothy M Neddermeyer 28-year-old Thato Tsotesi was a victim of hate crime nearly to a decade ago and has since had a difficult time moving on. Zanele helps Thato confront his anxieties by reconnecting with the artist inside himself. […]

Mokapelo 2 – Episode 13

There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more. Robert M Hensel 34-year-old Jeremiah from Mamelodi was born with a disability and only physically has the partial use of his arms and incoherent speech. Jeremiah wrote to Mokapelo in the pursuit of love. He must look at his […]

Mokapelo 2 – Episode 23

There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance. Buddha In this episode of Mokapelo we meet 21-year-old Thandeka Magubane from Ulundi in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Thandeka fears that her irregular menstrual cycle has not only ruined the appearance of the skin on her face, but it may hamper her ability to have children […]

Mokapelo 2 – Episode 14

Keep choosing happiness daily and happiness will keep choosing you back. Fawn Weaver 26-year-old Modeigi from Soshanguve is battling to find happiness. Believing that the reason why her life is at a standstill is because of her fathers rejection, Modeigi has lost all hope, faith and zest for life. Using her expansive knowledge and experience, […]

Mokapelo 2 – Episode 9

Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same but you leave them all over everything you do. Elvis Presley 21-year-old mother, Boitumelo, from Orange Farm wrote to Mokapelo asking for assistance, as her relationship with her mother is in shambles. Boitumelo made bad decisions as a teenager and that has resulted in the bond of […]