Siyakholwa – We Believe 9 – Eps 22: Role models

A role model is a person that you look up to, someone that you’d want to be like and an individual who inspires you. This week on Siyakholwa, we are learning about role models, sis’ Thandi helps us understand what it is and we later join our friends at Hamburg in the Eastern Cape to […]

Siyakholwa – We Believe 9 – Eps 20: Eid UI Fitr

The celebration of Eid Ul Fitr marks the end of the fasting period for Muslims all over the world. This week we celebrate Eid with our Muslim friends as we make gifts, food and visit a friend for the Eid celebration. Siyakhowla we Believe every Saturday at 06:30am on SABC 1. Catch Siyakholwa – […]

Siyakholwa – We Believe 9 – Eps 19: Jewish prayer

Religions pray in different ways and this week we learn how the Jews pray in the synagogue. We visit the schul in Sea Point and we learn from the Rabbi there. Come and celebrate the shabbat prayers with us at Siyakholwa this week. Catch Siyakholwa – We Believe Saturdays at 06:30 on SABC 1! […]

Siyakholwa – We Believe 9 – Eps 18: Patience

Have you ever struggled to be patient? Perhaps when mommy is baking and you can’t wait for those biscuits to be ready for eating? This week at Siyakholwa we will learn all about the importance of patience and how it helps you to be a good person. Catch Siyakholwa – We Believe Saturdays at […]