Single Galz – Episode 9

Sonto and Ntsiki inadvertently ruin Lerato’s favourite top while she’s away. When she returns, the girls have to find a way to tell her without risking the friendship, and their own lives. Single Girls is a show about three girls in their early twenties, making all the wrong moves in the world of relationships. Mistake […]

Thuli no Thulani – Eps 8: Jobless Thuli

Tshumo finally can’t take it anymore and he fires Thuli. But soon after he fires her, iKofi becomes very quiet. He has to try get his customers back. Meanwhile Thuli has to find a new job and Amanda hires her but very soon fires her when she messes with her Blesser schedule. Meanwhile Kaygee keeps […]

Thuli no Thulani – Eps 2: The haunted house

How does someone with no work experience finding a job? This is Thuli’s dilemma when Thulani asks Thuli to get a job so that she can start contributing to things around the apartment. Zuko offers to help Thuli but he only ends up making it worse for her. Mbali on the other hand is ready […]

Single Guyz 2 – Eps 5: Charity begins at home

After discovering that Charlie has been letting a street kid squat in the bar, Siya takes him in and encourages the guys to show an interest in 67 minutes for Mandela. The guys are reluctant because they do not share the same sentiment. Catch Single Guyz every Monday at 19:30 on SABC 1! Watch the […]

Cutting Edge: Dead or alive

Please note: This programmes may contain visuals that might offend sensitive viewers. In 2009 eThekwini municipality realized that they were running out of space to bury their residents and have since enacted a policy which would see strangers sharing graves. This means that multiple people would be buried in one grave. This has had residents, […]

Cutting Edge: Rags to riches – riches to rags

Please note: This programmes may contain visuals that might offend sensitive viewers. Pyramid schemes are making a come-back again. Experts predict that the economic situation is hard on everyone, hence a need for cash. But some people believe in get rich quick schemes. Soweto is one of the townships in which Ponzi schemes make people […]

SoccerZone 2017 – Eps 8 (19 June)

Catch SoccerZone Mondays at 21:00 on SABC1 with a repeat Tuesdays at 12:00! Soccerzone is South Africa’s premium review Television show in which audiences get to relive the best moments accompanied by an in-depth analysis. The show brings the who’s who of the football world accessible via interviews in the studio or on SKYPE.

Thuli no Thulani – Eps 7: Partying vs Fencing

Thuli encourages Mbali to take up fencing as an extra-mural but Thuli regrets pushing her to do it when the fencing activities clash with Amanda’s big party. Thuli has to choose which is more important. Amanda and Thulani start a war that spills into their real lives. Meanwhile, Bra Tshumo adds food to his iKofi […]

Thuli no Thulani – Eps 3: Pinky promise

Thulani flirts with Mbali’s Vice Principal after Thuli drags him to come with her to the school to address the fact Mbali is bullying a boy. Thuli makes Thulani promise not to date Mbali’s Vice Principal. But as we all know, Thulani is not one to keep his promises. Thuli Nothulani is a sitcom about […]

Intersexions – Eps 1

Do you know your lover’s lovers? Intersexions is a hard-hitting, innovative drama series with 25 separate but interlinked episodes. It examines issues relating to love, sex and relationships and how they can have heart-breaking and physically devastating, consequences. Intersexions is an episodic educational drama series that shows how our lives intersect and criss-cross with others’ […]

Fanbase 5 – Episode 52: A-Reece

This Friday on Fanbase, A-Reece is rocking the Fanbase stage with your host Akhumzi! See the fun, laughter, dancing and music this Friday on Mzansi Fo Sho at 18:00! Twitter @fanbasesabc1 Facebook FanbaseSABC Catch the full episode here directly after the TV broadcast at 18:30. Join us then!

The Chatroom 13 – Episode 18: Why Can't I Keep A Man?

This week on The Chatroom we look are trying to find out from some of the ladies why they struggle to keep relationships. A young lady is faced with a dilemma that most ladies seem to be faced why of not being able to keep their money. To help her with this dilemma is our […]