Yilungelo Lakho: Hidden costs when buying a house

Wouldn’t it be great if the price tag on your new house was all you had to pay? Well, in reality, there are a lot of hidden and compulsory costs of home ownership. And these have often come as an unpleasant surprise to consumers, especially to first-time buyers who are often dazzled by the prospect […]

The Chatroom 14 – Episode 52

This week in The Chatroom we are at the end yet another life changing season that has seen many lives transformed because they dared to speak out and get a whole lot of weight lifted off their shoulders. Tune in to see the evolution of many more young South Africans who moved from victim to […]

It takes a Village – Eps 9 (10 Jan 2018)

Catch It takes a Village with DJ Zinhle, Wednesdays at 21h00, exclusive to SABC 1 Mzansi Fo Sho! Watch full episodes here at 22:00. Join us then! It Takes a Village is a new reality format with a difference as we will see our very own DJ Zinhle like she’s never been seen before on […]

Uzalo S5 – Eps 253

Catch Uzalo’s free catch-up service in South Africa only on Mzansi’s brand new video streaming service VIU. Nkunzi gets proactive to solve his marital problems. Khehla gets a strange visit, and Mondli is confused when he gets an apology from an unlikely source. Download the free VIU app from your Android Play Store or Apple […]

It takes a Village 2 – Eps 13: Season Finale

Three months ago, champion footballer Teko Modise came home to Soweto and he didn’t like what he saw was happening to his hometown. This made him sad and he decided to hang up his soccer boots and get involved by trying to make a difference by helping young men from all over Soweto. There are […]

Intersexions – Eps 6: Sad Song

Israel Molete, the teacher who tried to rescue Dalitso is a respected choirmaster at a poor school in Daveyton. He has a reputation for helping poor families. He and Mr. Bopape, a young teacher, are vying for the post of Head of the English Department… Do you know your lover’s lovers? Intersexions is a hard-hitting, […]

Intersexions – Eps 23: 'Til love do us part

A week later, the tension at work between George and Ntombi is at breaking point. Nearly being caught cheating makes the misguided George determined to prove his commitment to Lindi….. Do you know your lover’s lovers? Intersexions is a hard-hitting, innovative drama series with 25 separate but interlinked episodes. It examines issues relating to love, […]

It takes a Village – Eps 12 (31 Jan 2018)

DJ Zinhle is committed to making a difference in the lives of young women in South Africa starting in her hometown Dannhauser, KZN. It’s a small town in crisis. It’s challenges reflects the social issues faced by small towns across South Africa – unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, crime, just to name some. […]

Generations: The Legacy Eps 57 – Part 3

Zola is shocked to hear the ‘terms’ of the polyandry. Max has a change of heart after seeing a video on the internet. The snake ceremony seems to have done the trick…

Generations: The Legacy tonight (Episode 152)

PLEASE NOTE: Catch tomorrow’s episode of Generations: The Legacy at 18:25 on SABC 1. Watch the full episode here on YouTube at 19:05. Join us then! Tonight’s episode: Tebogo is on his way to KZN to conduct the lobola negotiations. The Morokas are still in shock after what happened last night. Fana is upset when […]

Next on Generations: The Legacy 27 – Eps 216 (24 September 2018)

PLEASE NOTE: Please accept our apology that this is not available due to a technical problem. Catch Generations: The Legacy at 20:00 ( Mon-Fri) on SABC 1, and here on YouTube at 20:30. Lesedi’s classmates think she’s lying about what happened at camp. Wandi realises she’s not alone in her woes and it gives her […]

Yilungelo Lakho: Hairdressing industry

The saying that a woman’s hair is her glory, has given rise to a booming hairdressing industry in South Africa. For decades women have been straightening their hair with chemicals all in the name of beauty. However, they have been oblivious to the health risks such as burns, blindness or even cancer posed by some […]