A tale of two queens – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Odirile assures Lazarus their plan is still on track. Odirile and Tumelo try to convince Queen Mosadi she needs to fight for the throne.

Do it for me – The Throne

Tumelo agrees to go ahead with the plan to fulfil what tradition requires of both him and Dipuo. However, things do not go as planned.

It’s a sign – The Throne

The ancestors confirm that Dipuo is indeed pregnant. Moseki rubs it in Mosadi, Odirile and Tumelo’s face that Dipuo will be coronated soon.

Mosadi collapses – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Moseki and Dipuo cannot contain their excitement about their newfound fortune.

Mosadi, the people’s queen – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Naledi tells the villagers about how Mosadi solved Moreri’s scholarship fiasco. The villagers later pay her a surprise visit.

Not what it seems – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Dipuo realizes being queen is not what she thought. She later confirms Moseki is only looking out for his own interests.

Odirile’s intervention – The Throne | Mzansi Magic

Odirile tries to get Sephiri to talk to Mosadi about the operation. She later breaks down, after a chat with Lazarus.

You deserve better – The Throne

Otsile tries to stop Mapula from leaving, but she still leaves Kweneng despite his generous offer.

You’re born for this – The Throne

Tumelo tries to get more information about Dipuo and the baby. Moseki reassures A doubtful Dipuo.