It takes a Village 2 – Eps 12: Sbu

Teko Modise’s journey with helping young men in his hometown is fast coming to an end. Absent fathers may well be the most critical social issue that was faced in this season of It Takes A Village. 26-year-old Sibusiso Mahambi has 3 kids from different women. He wants to be involved in the lives of […]

It takes a Village 2 – Eps 10: Falito

In Teko Modise’s hometown of Soweto people live so close to each other. Most of the day, most residents listen and speak and see how people do things. That has a big influence on everyone. If other people do it, that means it’s right. Right? Teko asks. 22-year-old Falito Mthembu certainly thinks so. He followed […]

It takes a Village 2 – Eps 9: Clinton

South Africa has a terrible reputation because of our drinking problem. Clinton Eland’s father abuses alcohol and extensively lie and blame other family members for his drinking. This breakdown of trust damaged relationships and made the family members resent one another. Catch It takes a Village season 2 with Teko Modise, Wednesdays at 21:00, exclusive […]

It takes a Village 2 – Eps 8: Tsehla

South Africa has a very high number of absent fathers. 20-year-old Tshehla Kekana had contact with his father. But recently a stranger claimed to be his biological father. This disturbed Tsehla so much so that he lost direction. He gave up his studies, future dreams of becoming a writer and started drinking. He believes he […]

It takes a Village 2 – Eps 7: Kabelo

21-year-old Kabelo from Chaiwelo has big dreams of becoming a footballer. However, there are plenty competition and the odds are terrible. Teko Modise tries to persuade Kabelo to utilize his time whiles waiting to make his big break, more productively. Catch It takes a Village season 2 with Teko Modise, Wednesdays at 21:00, exclusive to […]

It takes a Village 2 – Eps 6: Noone

When Noone’s father started using intimidation, violence and aggression to solve problems, Noone started feeling frightened, angry, ashamed, and disbelief that it is even happening. He abandoned their home and took up his father responsibilities by providing for his mother and siblings, financially. How does a young man juggle school, piece jobs and being a […]

It takes a Village 2 – Eps 5: Siphiwe

When Teko Modise started IT TAKES A VILLAGE SEASON 2 a while ago, his intention was simple: He wanted to become a better man by helping young men overcome their obstacles. 19-year-old Siphiwe Makhathini made some seriously bad decisions growing up and now he feels weighed down. Catch It takes a Village season 2 with […]

It takes a Village 2 – Eps 4: Siphiwe

On Heritage day we celebrate our cultural diversity, reconciliation, peace and economic development. In this episode Teko Modise feels that the most basic human desire is to feel like you belong: Heritage and fitting in are important. When we see that someone supports the same team we do, we feel a sort of bond. A […]

It takes a Village 2 – Eps 3 – Ofentse

Ofentse Mothibi’s mother abandoned him when he was 6 years old. He was left to provide for his two younger brothers and had to take on the responsibilities of an adult. The financial and emotional support that his brothers needed took its toll. Ofense’s school work took a back seat. Host Teko Modise is a […]

It takes a Village 2 – Eps 2: Rodney

Rodney Koos was released after serving a 3-year prison sentence. He returned to Kliptown, the same community he lived and socialised in before his arrest. Kliptown has a high rate of poverty and crime. Leaving many residents feeling left out from society with little access to social support programs. Having to deal with an ex-prisoner […]