The Chatroom 13 – Episode 42: Human rights

Contact the show on facebook and twitter on “The Chatroom (TV Show)” The Chatroom is a talk show that explores issues of ethics and values that people, young and old, have to deal with in their everyday lives. Each episode, presented by Sarah Thabethe, features two debating teams that argue a moral issue in front […]

The Chatroom 14 – Episode 21: Cyber-bullying reversion

We are looking at cyber-bullying on The Chatroom this week as we revisit the story of liberal social media personality Noluvuyo Sodela who came into The Chatroom wanting pointers from our panel of guests on how to deal with the cyber-bullying that she said she experienced regularly on social media. After the airing of the […]

The Chatroom 14 – Episode 43: Mother's Day

As we approach Women’s Day in The Chatroom this week, 25 year-old Matshele Molaoli says her boyfriend wants to marry her. She’s ecstatic about it, but one issue is bothering her. With marriage comes the expectation for the woman to change to her future husband’s name and she does not want to do that. She […]

The Chatroom 14 – Episode 15: Virginity testing PG 13

PLEASE NOTE: Some scenes in this episode may affect sensitive viewers. Parental guidance is advised. This week on The Chatroom the dilemma we are dealing with is one that university student Simlindile Mbongwa has. She’s a young woman who has issues with virginity testing. This is a practice where elders ceremonially check young maidens, to […]

The Chatroom 13 – Episode 38: Social grants

This week on the Chatroom, we re-visit a young man by the name of Siyabonga and his grandmother Gogo Khumalo whom we had the Minister of Social Development visit in a previous episode. The minister had promised to help Siyabonga get a new wheelchair, renovate his home, as well as sort out his grant issues. […]

The Chatroom 15 – Episode 6

Catch The Chatroom Wednesdays @ 12:00. Watch the full programme again on YouTube after the TV broadcast at 12:30! Join us then! The Chatroom is youth talk-show series that is real, honest and reflects the authentic voice of young people coming to terms with their own morality and values in a continually changing […]

The Chatroom 13 – Episode 41: Religious comedy

This week on The Chatroom we are talking religious comedy. Is it ok to make fun of religion but where does one actually draw the line? How does one make fun of a religion without offending people? As The Chatroom team, we decided to invite a few people that would give us more on this […]

The Chatroom 15 – Episode 3

This week in The Chatroom, Katlegong model Thandeka Mkhabela in in The Chatroom to say no one has a right to tell her what to wear. Body shaming and dress policing is a major thing that women face daily. One young woman refuses to be shamed and continues to dress the way she likes! Catch […]

The Chatroom 13 – Episode 4: Marriage Part 1

Is the marriage institution outdated? Why is there such a drastic disconnection or disparity between what people think and say or even believe about this sacred institution, compared to how they act and behave? Yoliswa and Nana Morwebi have decided to get married before the end of year. They are one of a few couples […]

Chatroom 13 – Episode 52: Lookback Part 2

In this week’s episode of the Chatroom, we look back again on the season and the special days on our South African calendar with the various social issues attached to them. From Valentine’s Day in the month of love, to looking at inter-faith co-operation during Easter. We then move onto what Freedom means to young […]