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For the very first time since it’s inception 20 years ago, the Mr. Soshanguve title comes with a car as the main prize. For Daniel, who finds male pageants the cheesiest, most embarrassing things human beings have ever created, the pageant presents an easy way to finally put his taxi-taking to an end and finally […]

Rhythm City EP 2910 – 31/8/2018

Rene wonders if she’s ready for love. The bond between Toolkit and Gail grows. Lerato takes her frustrations out on Gail.

Rhythm City EP 2870 – 6/7/2018

Stone insults Blossom by insinuating she married Kop for the house and Jafta promises Blossom that if Kop changes his mind about the inheritance, he will step in. Everyone has turned against Mapula on social media, calling her a fame whore and a slut. Sindiswa suspects Melusi has hacked her account and started the rumour […]

Isidingo will be cancelled & Generations the Legacy will continue

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Consumer Rights

Food and product manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure that everything they provide to consumers are safe and adhere to consumer laws, an example of this can be seen with the recent outbreak of listeriosis; where many food products such as Russians, polony and different sorts of cold meat had to be recalled for […]