Where’s the jelly and custard? – OPW | Mzansi Magic

Nomsa wonders if they’d get the “usual” dessert, after seeing the fancy dessert Jabulani prepared.

Of traditional weddings – OPW | Mzansi Magic

Mbali gives her new family gifts and the festivities continue with dancing and singing.

Everlasting love rings – OPW | Mzansi Magic

Vele counts those ring bands on Luche’s ring. She loves squares and big diamonds, so she got everything she wanted in the ring.

Bling Bling Traditional Wear ­­– OPW | Mzansi Magic

Samuel is left speechless and compliments his bride to be as she shows off her traditional wedding.

Fine dining – OPW | Mzansi Magic

Mbali says they wanted to treat their guests to fine dining and taste the tantalizing hotel cuisine.

A late affair – OPW | Mzansi Magic

The bride and groom run late, but in the end they score their perfect wedding.