The Chatroom 14 – Episode 15: Virginity testing PG 13

PLEASE NOTE: Some scenes in this episode may affect sensitive viewers. Parental guidance is advised.

This week on The Chatroom the dilemma we are dealing with is one that university student Simlindile Mbongwa has. She’s a young woman who has issues with virginity testing. This is a practice where elders ceremonially check young maidens, to see if they are still virgins. It is a practice that was outlawed in 2007 in South Africa but is still widely practiced, particularly in rural areas. Share your views with us on this matter. That’s right here on SABC 1, Mzansi fo sho.

Be sure not to miss all this and more, this Sunday @ 11h30. Catch the full programme again on YouTube after the TV broadcast at 12:00!

The Chatroom is youth talk-show series that is real, honest and reflects the authentic voice of young people coming to terms with their own morality and values in a continually changing South African landscape. The Chatroom presents real-life moral dilemmas that ordinary people are facing, and offer varied solutions from experts, religious and community leaders as well as ordinary South Africans.

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