The Chatroom 14 – Episode 32: Foul language

This week in The Chatroom, 28-year-old Mandla Mnganga says everyone is giving him grief about his use of foul language in his day-to-day conversations. He wants to know what the big deal is about using strong language. He finds nothing wrong with throwing the F and S bombs in regularly.

What’s your view on foul language?

Be sure not to miss all this and more, Sundays @ 11h30. Catch the full programme again on YouTube after the TV broadcast at 12:00!

The Chatroom is youth talk-show series that is real, honest and reflects the authentic voice of young people coming to terms with their own morality and values in a continually changing South African landscape. The Chatroom presents real-life moral dilemmas that ordinary people are facing, and offer varied solutions from experts, religious and community leaders as well as ordinary South Africans.

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