Thuli no Thulani – Eps 12: The double date (1 Nov 2017)

In an attempt to stop Thuli from cramping his style, Thulani sets up Thuli with the brother of the girl he is seeing. Just as Thuli falls for the guy, Thulani has to try to sabotage their relationship because the guy still lives with his mom and that means Thuli wouldn’t move out any time soon. Amanda concludes that Zuko’s wife is cheating on him after she overhears a conversation and Zuko enlists her help to make him more attractive again. Meanwhile, much to Thuli and Thulani’s annoyance, Mbali and Kitso decide to start a band.

Thuli no Thulani is a sitcom about twin siblings who have to share their life together…again, after single mom, Thuli runs into a bout of bad luck. Now, playboy bachelor, Thulani, has to adjust to being one half of a pair again, as well as a reluctant father to Thuli’s ten-year-old daughter.

Catch Thuli no Thulani Wednesdays at 19:30 on SABC1! Watch the full episode here at 20:00. Join us then!

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