Thuli no Thulani – Eps 4: Nothing Ma

When Thuli and Thulani’s parents come to town, the twins go into a full panic mode because Thulani has to pretend to be a lawyer and Thuli has to pretend to be still married to Martin. Mbali sees an opportunity to blackmail Thuli & Thulani into getting her a bike.

Thuli Nothulani is a sitcom about twin siblings who have to share their life together…again, after single mom, Thuli runs into a bout of bad luck. Now, playboy bachelor, Thulani, has to adjust to being one half of a pair again, as well as a reluctant father to Thuli’s ten-year-old daughter.

Catch Thuli Nothulani Wednesdays at 19:30 on SABC1! Watch the full episode here at 20:00. Join us then!

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