Tips to Avoid Car Accidents in Florida During the Summer Season

Florida’s roads are more crowded in the summer. Because most schools across the country are closed for the summer, many families decide to visit Florida to enjoy their vacation. Many families take a road trip through Florida during the summer. Teenagers who are not in school have more time and a lot of it is spent driving.

Here are five tips to help drivers stay safe while driving in the summer:

Maintain Your Vehicle

After your vehicle has broken down, you don’t want it to be stuck on the side of a busy road. This is dangerous. You must ensure that your vehicle is maintained. Make sure to check your tires and tread pressure, change the oil and inspect the brakes.

Keep an Eye Out for Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers can be a problem all year round, but in summer they are more prevalent. Drivers could be distracted by their phones or looking at directions. Avoid driving next to distracted drivers. In fact, avoid being distracted by yourself.

Beware of Drunk Drivers

Be aware of intoxicated drivers. Avoid drunk driving and don’t allow your friends or relatives to drive drunk. If you are going to an event with family or friends, make sure you have a designated driver. You should not allow any alcohol to be consumed by the driver. 

Keep an Eye on the Calendar

Every day can prove to be dangerous on the roads. Drunk driving is more common on weekends and holidays. The July Fourth holiday is a particularly dangerous holiday. To avoid the rush, take a few extra days off.

Distance Increase

It doesn’t matter if you are a truck driver, or a passenger car driver, it is important to increase your following distance in the summer. This can offset the dangers posed by heavy traffic and vacation motorists driving on unfamiliar roads.

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