Top Movies About South Africa Which Will Change Your Cultural Perspective!

South African culture is probably the lesser known culture ever, yet it contains the most interesting field of facts which are way too different from your level of thinking. Curious enough to discover about south African Culture? Here are top flicks that stream afrikaans movies changing your entire perspective!

With an ultimate compelling history, breathtaking scenery and passionate people there is no surprise or fact of doubt that South Africa has acted as the inspiration for countless movies over the years. Afrikaans movies from non-fiction histories to fantastical thrillers and cheek swelling comedies, these afrikaans movies cover a wide spectrum of genres.

Here we are to unveil the most sophisticated, top-class south african movies! Head on to know more!

Top South African Movies You Must Watch!

  1. Cry Freedom: An ultimatum of afrikaans movies, which was created in 1987, is the best selling book and movie which tells us the story of Woods’ attempts who strives to uncover the truth about arrest and subsequent death of black activist Steve Biko, and the way in which he was forced to leave South Africa because of numerous reasons. The movie was Directed by Richard Attenborough, it stars Kevin Kline and Denzel Washington. With South Africa still firmly in the grip of apartheid. It was also nominated for three oscars.
  2. Tsotsi: An exclusively crafted stream afrikaans movies, which won an Oscar for the best froeign language movies in 2006, it is still profound to be gritty and raw moving. South Africa  is set in the hard world of the Johannesburg Townships. Tsotsi clearly had a meaning which means “thug” in township patois.
  3. Spud: Released in 2010, the most popularly comedian south african movie based on the novel by John van de Ruit. It’s set in South Africa in 1990, around the time that Nelson Mandela was released recently from prison. It is a coming-of-age story about a 14-year-old boy named John Milton, who enrolls in his first year of boarding school only to find himself surrounded by a world of bullies, unlikely friends and desperate jerks. Directed by Donovan Marsh.
  4. Sarafina: The typical brainchild of the book, music and lyrics released earlier. Presenting the array of afrikaanse movies unlikely topic for a musical, which tells the  story of the 1976 Soweto Uprisings. The play transferred to Broadway on January 28th, 1988. The film, made in 1992, which starred Whoopi Goldberg and Leleti Khumalo, who also won a Tony award for the Broadway version. It was directed by Darrell Roodt, while Mbongeni Ngema wrote the screenplay. South African’s singing sensation Miriam Makeba and actor John Kani were also starred.
  5. Zulu: Released backforth in the year of 1964, viewers nominated zulu, the afrikaans movie as the 37th greatest Hollywood movie of all time, while British TV viewers rated it eighth in their top 100 Greatest War Movies. It retells the epic battle of Rorke’s Drift, at which 150 British soldiers fought off 4,000 Zulu warriors. Directed by Cy Endfield.
  6. A Dry White Season: It was set aback in 1976, with the Soweto Uprisings and based on the novel by André Brink known as a hard-hitting film. The journey exacts a terrible toll in the entire story on his own family life.
  7. Mad Buddies: If you are looking to encounter with South african humour, Mad Buddies is a slapstick comedy about two enemies (Boetie, played by Schuster, and Beast, played by Kenneth Nkosi) who are forced to go on a road trip together.
  8. Catch a Fire: Directed by the famous Philip Noyce in the 1960s. It focuses on the story of a young black man who unwittingly gets caught up in the struggle and the policemen who arrests him.
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